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There is no "other." The "other" is us.

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The Mitzvah Project is a 70-minute, Holocaust/social justice-themed, theatrical-educational

program. It is currently being presented at high schools, colleges and community organizations across America. The Mitzvah Project was conceived and co-created by Roger Grunwald.

“Roger Grunwald … has… created a compelling, moving and important work – The Mitzvah Project… which includes valuable supporting materials to enrich students’ understanding.”  — Cindy D. Rosenthal, Ph.D., Professor of Drama and Dance, Hofstra University, NY

Comprised of a short play, lecture and talkback, the 70-minute, three-part program engages several critical socio-historical questions: “Who decides the meaning of culture, race and ethnicity?” “How is one’s identity determined?”  “Why do we demonize ‘the other?’” 

“Roger Grunwald’s Mitzvah Project is extraordinary. From their comments after Mr. Grunwald’s presentation, it’s clear that my students were able to make the critical connection between the racism, anti-Semitism and white supremacy of today’s world and the roots of prejudice and

hatred that gave rise to the Holocaust. Bravo!” — Jack Chan, Assistant Principal, New

Utrecht High School, Brooklyn, NY


As a classically trained actor and proud son of an Auschwitz survivor, Grunwald’s goal is to make

sure that, with his mother’s generation dying out, the world does not forget and young people will

be able learn these critical lessons of history.  NEXT PAGE

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