How did this son of a Jewish father become Hitler's ideal soldier?

"The Mitzvah Project should be required viewing for anyone wishing to learn about a nearly-silent chapter of Holocaust history." 


— Dr. Rick Halperin, Director, Embrey Human Rights Program, Southern Methodist University

The Mitzvah (“The Good Deed”) is a one-person 
that dramatically explores one of the most
stories of the Second World War. More 
than a 
hundred thousand German men — classified as “mischlinge” (the derogatory term the Nazis used to describe those descended from one or two Jewish grandparents) — fought in the German armed forces.

The story of one such mischling is at the center of The Mitzvah and actor (and child of survivor) 
Roger Grunwald seamlessly transforms himself 
into an array of characters to tell that story. In addition to Christoph (the “mischling”), other characters include Schmuel, a Polish Jew from

Bialystok and the play’s Chorus who offers edgy commentary that probes the boundary between the absurd and the horrific. The Mitzvah is a touching and tragic tale told in a powerful one-act solo performance created by Grunwald and Broadway veteran Annie McGreevey.

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